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  Award-winning work, Delta Competition 2010

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"Ecology as Industry" got selected as one of three award-winning work in the international Delta Competition 2010, and published under the title "Innovative Solutions for the Delta by Royal Haskoning.

Project Presentation and Award Ceremony was held in the international conference "Deltas in Times of Climate Change", Rotterdam, Netherlands. Oct. 2010

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Report of the Panel of Judges
This Vision for de-engineering water management in The Netherlands presents a regional plan for capitalizing upon the local ecology while addressing increasing flood hazards and land subsidence. Four transformations for the Dutch delta are outlined: coastal, infrastructure, estuarine and urban. These transformations include multi-use de-poldered ares, constructing barrier islands, relocating port activity, new industries of aquaculture and alternative energy production and an expansive recreational landscape. Through thickening flood-defence and allowing sedimentation and peat growth to match rising sea levels, the transformations promise to improve safety while simultaneously restoring diverse habitats.
This increasingly popular concept of harnessing natural processes in designing flood defense is elegantly presented in this paper. Specific measures are incorporated into a strong overall vision, which is supported with substantial background on the Rhine-Meuse delta and strking imgages. It powerfully illustrates that the issues facing delta cities require regional approaches that view the delta as a landscape system.

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