5th semester option studio presentation

Wild Garden
    - Fifth Semester Option Studio: Boston Botany Bay, GSD, Harvard University
    - Ultimately, this ecological and cultural artifact will synthesize the Lovells Island as a Wild Garden for both human and nature. Wild Garden is different from an ecological reserve whose main purpose is to conserve the nature, in that wild garden concentrates the interaction among different species and communities by actively facilitating connections between habitats. At the same time, Wild Garden is also differentiated from a conventional botanic garden whose main purpose is to display aesthetic features or from a zoo that confines wild lives. With much lower level of maintenance and interruption to the natural processes, a Wild Garden is an evolving artifact where wild lives can establish their habitats, scientists can research, and people can enjoy with less management. In a Wild Garden, distinction between who is provider and who is consumer of the garden is blurred: both human and wild lives exploit the facilitated landscape. Wild Garden is much more than just a type of garden, but provides an urban prototype of operative landscape.

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제목: 5th semester option studio presentation

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